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Shows and DJ Profiles is an international "In The Mix" program with Different DJ's producing every week a new mix. In our mixes you hear the best and the newest Dance, Electro, House and Top 40 tracks of this time. Below you read the information about our DJ's.

Paul Glaser aka DJ OTB
For more then 25 years is Paul busy with mixing. His alias "OTB" means "On the Beat".

Danny Wuyts aka DJ Danny W.
At the age of 12 I was experimenting with two Technics turntables and a mixer of Rodec. At the age of 16 I turned in nightclubs. And there was more, because at the age of 23 I took part in a DJ-contest that I won. I am resident-DJ in clubs and I have also turned in nightclubs in Spain.

Eric aka "Elena" de Hollander
Eric has done all that God has forbidden. To mention a few things: eating Fear Factor-meals, break into a recording and production studio, quarrel making with the police, riots caused by his opinions, different types of drugs tested and all these things he did during his live show on the radio... But there is also a another side to Eric, he is a decent everyday guy who leads a normal life. Eric knows the whole entire history of pop music out his head, is fan of Dateq and is always busy producing music and mixing. The mashups, remixes, mini- and megamixes of Eric are each day on domestic and foreign radio stations to hear. Eric is, together with Paul, also the webmaster of this website.

Juan van Willigen aka DJ Foose
I started mixing in 1985 after listening to Ben Liebrand's Grand Mixes. I have several mixes made ​​in the "Soul Show" of Ferry Maat, a Dutch radio host. From 1990 till 1996 I have turned in various nightclubs and pubs in Zaanstad. After 1996, I began my drive-in show again dusted off and have I at weddings, festivals and sports festivals around the lot musically arranged. In 1999 my daughter was born and a year later my son. From that moment I make a monthly the "Funmix" for my friends and family in my studio. From 2005 till 2007 I was DJ by Zaan Radio. Since 2009 I made mixes for

Bertram Kleizen aka DJ Bertram
DJ Bertram starts his DJ-career in 1987 in a youth center, called "De Toevlught" in Maassluis. From 1992 till 1994 he was DJ in the nightclub "Vlietzicht" in Maasland. Through Michel de Hey came DJ Bertram in 1994 in contact with the DJ's of the program "Planet E" of Stadsradio Rotterdam. He become crewmember of this program and worked with Michel Steinbach, Edwin Bazen, Koen van Tijn and Michel de Hey. In 1999 stopped this program at the radio. DJ Bertram was approached by a producer who wanted to make tracks with him, but the tracks were made were never released. In 2008 was DJ Bertram guest in the program "Area 51″ of Radio Vrolek. He likes that and he began a own program at the radio, called "Bertrams Beats". His program was well received by his listeners, but a few years later he chose to stop this program.DJ Bertram shows his DJ-skills also in different clubs and discotheques, at the Dance parade in Rotterdam and in "Club Lordis" in Poland. Beginning of 2012 DJ Bertram sends Eric a mail with the question if Eric the time had to listen to his mix. Eric takes always time to listen to mixes, so also for the mix of DJ Bertram. Eric loves the mix and he invited DJ Bertram off to make a mix for He made as guest-DJ a few mixes and became good friends with Eric, so since October 2012 is DJ Bertram a proud crewmember of

Hans van Dam aka DJ Neonglass
DJ Neonglass made his first steps in mixing at the age of 14 (1977). He started mixing with 2 Marantz record players with pitch-control. Inspired by his discovery, he began to create customized pause button mixes on his big reel tape recorder (later cassette) as he realized that certain records could be made more suitable for the Dance floor, if they wen given a slight twist of extension. At the age of 16 he was asked to play at several clubs as a guest-DJ. Mixing was in that time very special and also all clubs had "talking DJ's" in that time. One of his friends he "worked" in the drive-in disco with is now known as Atlantic Ocean a.k.a DJ Lex van Coeverden (a world hit single "Waterfall 2009″). In 1984 he stopped mixing, so he had time to found his own neon-design factory. After 24 years not being mixing and DJ-ing, he took some Mixing lessons in Youth Centre "Bazart" also located on the grounds of the former O.L.S (the place where it in 1977 all began). When he started his mixing lessons, he noticed that there was a lot of changed in the DJ equipment. He decided to quit mixing with vinyl and go for the new technological tools now like mixing with 2 CD-players with pitch control.

Kenrick Koolman aka Kenny-O-Mix
I have been involved for about 24 years (1983-2007) in this art. I started as a mobile disco DJ for many private parties and in clubs. Later in the 80's I started a show of Dance music on a radio station near home and helping out at Radio Carina. Went later to Holland (1989) to continue school and graduated as Lab Technician in general Chemical & Environmental. In 1996 I got back to Aruba. In 1998 I started on a brand new radio station, called Magic 96.5 FM. Here I found a new challenge in front of me. Today I am a production assistant/music director at Magic 96.5 FM. I own two shows, "The Warehouse" at Saturday and "The Basement" at Sunday. During the years until now I am still DJ-ing, make studio production mixes and remixes for several activities as in- and outside the Island. My style of music is Lounge, House, Electro and Club with a combination of Funky sounds with average in Vocal.

Enrico Schiroli aka Juan del Reyes
Juan del Reyes started at young age with broadcasting at illegal broadcast stations in the Netherlands. With his show "Only the B-side" he made a impact, because not only the A side of a track was good but also the B-side. In this period he was also spinning at clubs in the Netherlands and Italy. In the early 90's he started to produce tracks for himself and other artists. Just in 2005 he brought his own first track on the market and worked with different names. His first record label was Azra Digital Records where he came back in 2011 after two years at a other label. He starts in 2012 as Juan Del Reyes to broadcast, spinning an producing with a complete new style to turn the world around.

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