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Chicane - Sun:Sets

In the past he has been dubbed “the godfather of the Ibiza anthem” but Chicane mastermind Nick Bracegirdle has come a long way since the sun drenched Balearic shores first throbbed to the sound of what is now recognised by many as the archetypal chill out classic ‘Offshore’.

Since establishing himself in 1997 Nick Bracegirdle has fashioned a flawless and hit-filled album discography. The roll-call of names he has worked with is diverse and impressive: Bryan Adams, Sir Tom Jones, Natasha Bedingfield, Adam Young, Cher, Kate Walsh. He also champions new and up and coming artists such as the aforementioned Joseph Aquilina, and the Icelandic band Vigri. All of which represent a strategy of not being in one place of being pinned down. He can’t - he’s got too much work to do!

Most recently Nick teamed up with an old acquaintance; Ferry Corsten, himself one of the biggest names on the dancefloor over the last ten years to release his latest single. Their combined strengths resulted in the warm, flowing tune of ‘One Thousand Suns’. A summer anthem in every respect, honouring the Balearic spirit.

The Chicane concept is one of a nomadic band which doesn’t conform to the traditional approach of having a single lead singer, working with many different artists and producers. It is a common mistake to think Nick is a DJ, he is actually the writer and producer within the band and the hub of all the live performances.

The live format has seen Chicane play at major worldwide music festivals, such as Glastonbury Festival, Creamfields in England, Roskilde Festival in Denmark plus extensive touring of worldwide; Australia, Russia, Europe, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Ukraine , Africa, Scandinavia, Singapore, and of course the UK.

For years Chicane has tended to be pigeon holed as a dance act. However, the current live show and new material confirm that Chicane is far more diverse than that, as the band continue to push the boundaries of electronic music live

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